Where in the Heck Have We Been?! – Updates with Great Business Tips Inside

August 26, 2021

WE’RE BACK! And for good this time.


But where have we been you ask?


Quite literally all over the world! We are doing some amazing things behind the scenes in terms of asset building, strategizing, content creation, and expanding our reach to those who need us in underdeveloped markets.


That said, honestly, we got really busy. But we’re back now, and we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to since our hiatus.


As bonus value, because it’s never just about us, we’ll share how each update relates to an important business tip.


Let’s go!


Update #1 – There’s More People Now


The team at ENN is growing. And as we continue to expand, we’ll likely need to hire even more people.


This is a good thing, right? Well, of course. It’s every entrepreneurs dream to experience growth within their business. Being too busy is a good problem, but the trick is to know when to hire someone to take care of tasks you’ve either been neglecting or can no longer do yourself.


Which leads me to…


Business Tip #1 – You can’t do everything yourself


Ever heard the expression time is money? That’s because in business, it really is. Money isn’t just the balance that you keep in your bank account. There are other ways to determine how money is factored.


In the specific case of being busy, let’s take opportunity cost as an example. Opportunity cost is the money lost from not seizing opportunities. Truth is, you can’t possibly do everything yourself, and you incur opportunity cost by not maximizing your time wisely.


Update #2 – People Really Like Us


There are two parts of the ENN name we like to focus on: the entrepreneur and network parts.


For entrepreneurs, we strive to provide value that resonates with them. We aim to provide that value in various forms, and various methods across the chain.


Second, we believe in networking, growing our reach, and aligning ourselves with like-minded people, missions, and goals. And to that effect, we’ve been able to expand our reach globally.


Between Canada, the UK, India, and several others we have our hands full with partners that love our content and want more of it.


Business Tip # 2 – Don’t Be Afraid to Expand


Even if you’re not truly ready. Again, this is a good problem. Like many business owners before you, you’ll figure it out and find a way to make it work.


Update #3 – Not Just a One Trick Pony


The Business Planning Program is ENN’s flagship offering, but hey, we have other stuff too!


During this time, we’ve been amassing a library of video courses related to business, entrepreneurship, sales, leadership, and more. Many of them are out of production, but some are being filmed as we speak. This is exciting as it allows us to enhance the value we want to offer, while also doing the good service of educating future entrepreneurs.


I know, I know. the courses aren’t made available on the site just yet, but we have a plan we are working on. We are strategizing the best way to incorporate them into the site and will be sure to update you when that time arrives. Pinky promise!


Business Tip #3 – Always Have a Growth Plan


A growth plan outlines the next phase of your business. For example, if you’re a startup coffee shop, the next phase could be to start offering breakfast sandwiches to compliment the beverage. It’s sure to increase revenue, and average spend per customer.


But what happens when you complete an action on your growth plan? You make another one silly. ALWAYS have a growth plan for your business. It answers the question, “what’s the next step for my business.”


Last Update – #4 – We’re Getting Active


With new hires, entering new markets, and growing our assets we think it about high time we start to get active. We have so much content to offer that it’s silly for us to keep it all to ourselves.


So, what to expect? If you don’t already, I suggest following our social channels immediately (links below). Things are about to heat up. We aim to provide reoccurring content, things you won’t want to miss, and events you will want to attend.


You’re about to see a lot more of ENN.


Oh, and the last business tip…


Business Tip #4 – Create a Hub, and Live There


Social communities around brands are popular. If you’re creating a brand, which every business is, then you should have a community.


We’re not saying to make one on every platform, but find a platform, create a community there, and engage frequently with members.


I know, we’re taking our own advice.


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