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Most salespeople agree they should be doing more prospecting.  They also agree that if they prospected more their sales would go up.  In this course I share with you proven techniques on how to prospect.  I will also share how to shift your mindset do you can boldly, fearlessly prospect anyone.

Many of the techniques I cover you will be able to immediately use to prospect for more business.  If you know that you would make more sales by increasing your prospecting, then this is a must listen to course.  Each idea you learn you will have for the rest of your life!

Lead Generation


Generating new leads is the lifeblood of any business.  In this course Eric Lofholm will share his best lead generation ideas that helped him build his database from zero leads to over 50,000!  First Eric will cover lead generation best practices to generate hundreds or even thousands of additional leads.  Next you will learn the mindset of a superstar lead generator.  Then Eric will share his #1 lead generation strategy that has generated more than 1,000 leads for him.

Eric also talks about the importance of keeping your leads organized.  In total you will learn numerous tried and true lead generation ideas.  Once you have completed this course you will be able to immediately implement the ideas to start generating more leads!

Appointment Setting

  In this course, you will learn how to increase your results with sales scripting.  Sales scripting is the most profitable idea! Sales scripting is about preparing your presentation in advance and is a learned skill.


  The purpose of this course is to teach how to get an extra hundred to a thousand referrals. With those extra referrals, I want you to generate extra additional income from the ideas of this program! There are 3 ways to elevate your results with referrals – Inner Game, Outer Game and Action. The inner game is your mindset. The outer game is the how to. Action is what you do. My all-time number one idea is Continuous Sales Improvement (CSI), and you want to apply it to referrals. CSI is a lifelong commitment to working on your sales skills for 15 minutes to an hour a week and today we are working on referrals. You can look for referral techniques on YouTube, podcasts, books and from other experts in your industries. Model other techniques to elevate your results.

Sales Scripting

  In this course, you will learn how to increase your results with sales scripting.  Sales scripting is the most profitable idea! Sales scripting is about preparing your presentation in advance and is a learned skill.

Trust and Rapport

  It has been said people buy from people they like and trust.  That is a true statement.  The more likeable you are the more sales success you will have.   In this course you will learn how to quickly and easily build trust during your sales presentation.

Objection Handling

  Objection handling is a critical skillset to learn to help maximize your sales results and your closing ratio. Eric Lofholm has been successfully handling objections to close sales for over 25 years.  In this course Eric shares his best objection handling ideas and strategies.  By watching this course you will learn specific ideas that you can immediately use in your very next sales presentation to effectively handle the common objections you get.   Eric covers how to techniques including specific scripts to use to address the common objections.  He also covers the mindset of an objection handing master.  After watching this course expect to make a lot more sales!

Goal Setting

  Goal setting is quite likely the most endorsed personal development strategy in the world.  Goal setting is a learned skill.  The more you work on your goal setting skills the better you get.  In this course Eric Lofholm shares his best goal setting ideas from his 20+ years of applying goal setting to his life and teaching goal setting to others.   The ideas in this course are a combination of the best goal setting ideas Eric has learned from studying what success and business legends, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Les Brown and others had to say about goal setting.  Combine this with Eric's life experiences and you have this course.  By watching this course, you will improve your goal setting skills now and forever.

Mindset of a Sales Champion

  You are setting the intention of becoming greater in sales! Acknowledge yourself, that is your first mindset of this course. Be your number one cheerleader! When you acknowledged yourself, it builds up your self esteem and confidence!


  In this course you will learn how to close the sale.  Closing is a learned skill.  Prior to me learning how to close I was the bottom producer on the team at my first sales job. Once I learned how to close I 5x my sales results in less than 3 months.  I have gone on to do millions and millions of dollars in sales since.   In this course I share with you my best ideas!  Many of the techniques you will literally be able to use in your very next sales presentation.

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About Your Instructor - Eric Lofholm

Eric Lofholm is a Master Sales Trainer who has taught his proven sales systems to thousands of professionals around the world. He is President and CEO of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., an organization he founded to professionally train people on the art and science of selling.

Eric began his career as a sales failure. At his first sales job he was put on quota probation after failing to meeting the minimum quota two months in a row. It was at this point that Eric met his sales mentor.

After being professionally trained, Eric achieved his quota and eventually become the top producer at that company. Eric went on to become the top producer at 2 more companies prior to starting Eric Lofholm International.

Eric is a naturally gifted teacher. For over 20 years, Eric has been sharing his proven sales increasing ideas with people all over the world.

Eric believes that selling equals service. He also believes in working towards mastery of the fundamentals of lead generation, appointment setting, and delivering a high quality presentation.

He is an instructor for CEOSpace, and Networking University and a published author of The System, How to Sell in the New Economy, How to Master the Science of Goal Setting, and 21 Ways to Close more Sales.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  How is the program delivered?

Answer:  The program is delivered via  8 hours plus of on-demand videos. These videos walk you logically, step by step as you assimilate these incredible sales skills.

Question:  How will I access the course?

Answer:  You will receive an that links you directly to the program.  Just sign into the site and view the course on your desktop or mobile device.

Question:  Is there a money back guarantee?

Answer:  Yes!  If you are not satisfied with the course, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

Question:  How long will the program take to get through?

Answer:  You can go through the program at your own pace.  Most students will take several weeks to get through it.  Eric always recommends repeating each lesson multiple times to ensure they become resident in your subconscious and these skills will be at your disposal 24X7.


Have Questions?  Please call 888-578-1120 or email us at info@entrepreneurnow.com