Sales Mastery Program - Audio Edition

Eric Lofholm


Welcome to our Sales Mastery Program - Audio Edition!


This highly-impactful, ten-course Sales Mastery Program will teach the student the dynamics of selling from a humanistic point of view.  These courses will take you, you step-by-step, through the imperatives of building rapport with your prospect, to assessing their needs, all the way through to some great closing tips and techniques.

Your Instructor, Eric Lofhom, is a subject-matter-expert Sales Trainer, and has been educating students globally for more than twenty years in the art and science of the sale. He truly believes that “sales equals service.”  Whether you’ve never been in a sales role before, or you’re a polished sales professional, you’ll pick up some great tips from this program that will enhance your sales closing percentage. You’ll be providing a great experience for your prospects, while building long-term relationships with them.

To get started, we recommend you take just about 10 minutes to listen to the Introduction to the Sales Mastery Program.  After the introduction, just follow the outline below which will walk you step by step through the program.





Most salespeople agree they should be doing more prospecting.  They also agree that if they prospected more their sales would go up.  In this course I share with you proven techniques on how to prospect.  I will also share how to shift your mindset do you can boldly, fearlessly prospect anyone.

Many of the techniques I cover you will be able to immediately use to prospect for more business.  If you know that you would make more sales by increasing your prospecting, then this is a must listen to course.  Each idea you learn you will have for the rest of your life!  (59 Minutes)


Unlimited Leads


Learn how to create unlimited leads for your business.  Eric will share with you his powerful and proven strategies for creating leads.  First, we will cover lead generation best practices to generate hundreds or even thousands of additional leads.

Next you will earn the mindset of a superstar lead generator.  And finally, Eric will share his #1 lead generation strategy that has generated more than 1,000 leads for him.  (59 Minutes)


Unlimited Sales Appointments


Setting sales appointments is one of the most critical things you can do in the sales process.  This course will allow you to master the art of setting an unlimited number of appointments.  First you will learn how to use goal setting to instantly increase the number of appointments on your calendar.

Next Eric will cover practical tips on how to leverage social media to keep your calendar filled with appointments.  And finally, Eric will give you proven appointment setting script ideas and appointment setting templates idea that you can immediately implement.  (62 Minutes)




Generating more referrals is a proven way to get more leads and make more sales.  Eric Lofholm has generated over 10,000 referrals over the last 25 years.  In this course Eric shares many of his best referral generating ideas.  The ideas are practical and easy to implement.  The best part is the ideas really work.  (45 Minutes)


Identifying Customers’ Needs


The easiest way to persuade or influence someone is to find out what they want and give it to them.  The way we find out what they want is by asking questions.  In this course you will learn different techniques to ask powerful questions to identify the needs of your prospect.   (59 Minutes)


Share the Benefits


In this course you will learn techniques and strategies on how to bring the benefits to life in your sales presentation.  A common statement in sales is that people buy you.  Although I believe being likeable is especially important in sales, what people buy are benefits.  People do things for self-serving reasons.  After going through the course, you will have the techniques you learn for the rest of your sales career.  (47 Minutes)


Objection Handling


In sales we all face objections on a regular basis.  Your ability to address the common objections that come up are key to you closing more sales.  In this course Eric Lofholm shares many of his best objection handling techniques.  These techniques are easy to learn and easy to implement.  (41 Minutes)


Trust and Rapport


It has been said people buy from people they like and trust.  That is a true statement.  The more likeable you are the more sales success you will have.   In this course you will learn how to build trust quickly and easily during your sales presentation.  (46 Minutes)




Follow up is one of the most important skills to make more sales.  In this course Eric Lofholm shares his follow up systems that have helped him close millions and millions of dollars in sales over the last 25+ years.

First, Eric will teach you 3 easy to implement follow up strategies that work.  Next, he teaches you how to structure a follow up phone call to maximize your close ratio on your follow ups.  Finally, Eric will give you 5 follow up techniques that are easy to implement.  (42 Minutes)




Follow up is one of the most important skills to make more sales.  In this course Eric Lofholm shares his follow up systems that have helped him close millions and millions of dollars in sales over the last 25+ In this course you will learn how to close the sale.  Closing is a learned skill.  Prior to me learning how to close I was the bottom producer on the team at my first sales job.

Once I learned how to close I 5x my sales results in less than 3 months.  I have gone on to do millions and millions of dollars in sales since.  In this course I share with you my best ideas!  Many of the techniques you will literally be able to use in your very next sales presentation.  (53 Minutes)



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