Our Story



Our Mission

We believe that entrepreneurship education should be at the fingertips of every human around the world. We also believe that people learn better together. Our mission is to transform the way entrepreneurs learn, to contribute to explosive success rates among startups and solopreneurs, and increase collaboration between entrepreneurs.


Our Reason

We built the entrepreneurNOW! learning community to solve the biggest problem standing between entrepreneurs and launching businesses that grow and thrive over time: Next to fraud and natural disasters, the #1 reason today’s businesses fail is due to a lack of knowledge about how to run a business.

We address entrepreneurs’ access to education in several ways: We painstakingly wrote and filmed all the educational content on this site, using carefully vetted experts in a variety of topic areas meaningful to entrepreneurs. Our carefully-curated videos get to the point, teach by example, and provide worksheets so that you can put everything into practice right away.


Our Founder

Ken Burke began to understand that his life’s purpose was to teach entrepreneurs while running the eCommerce business he’d started in 1996, MarketLive. After twenty years of running MarketLive, developing into a widely-published thought leader, keynote speaker, and coach to entrepreneurs, Ken sold the business and turned his attention full-time to helping entrepreneurs to launch, run, and grow their businesses. (Somehow, traveling the world just wasn’t cutting it—though be sure to ask him about historic landmarks in Rome the next time you run into Ken!)

Ken knew that he wasn’t going to reach the entrepreneurs who needed his help most—entrepreneurs in the trenches—while standing in a classroom. So when his umpteenth coaching client said to him, “I really wish I had recorded all our calls,” it was a lightbulb moment that became the seeds of this learning network. He wished he’d recorded the calls, too, knowing that video provides a fast, simple, and repeatable way to get entrepreneurs up to speed on the fundamentals—in order to focus on their most critical issues and questions.  


Our Community

EntrepreneurNOW! was designed with entrepreneurs in mind, to address both their fundamental and urgent needs, through OnDemand video content, a live call-in show, blog posts, one-on-one coaching, and weekly live programming.

Learning and good relationships come from collaboration. We are excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, and support your ability to thrive as an entrepreneur.

We are dedicated to the success of entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs, just like you. Our success depends upon your success.


Contact us anytime, at info@entrepreneurnow.com and follow us on social media.