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The bad news is that 50% of all new businesses fail in their first 3 years.  The good news is, businesses that create a business plan grow 30% faster other than businesses.

Entrepreneurs who plan are more likely to:

»  Grow faster

»  Think more strategically

»  Are more likely to get funding

»  Run their businesses against benchmarks

»  Operate from validated strategies and tactics

Are You Set Up for Success?

A well-developed vision is essential. Your staff and partners must believe in the vision you are working toward enough to support and follow you, stakeholders to believe in you, and investors to give you their support.

You must have a unique competitive advantage. It’s essential to offer something no one else can—and make that difference clear in the minds of your customers so they never hesitate to choose you.

Customers must get what they expect from you. In the minds of your customers your brand and product or service has to match up with your promise—and their needs. Once you’re attractive to customers with a value proposition that is crystal-clear, your growth skyrockets.

You must acquire customers at a reasonable cost because acquisition is what makes or breaks your company. You must master customer acquisition to attract customers.

Competitors can ruin you—if your eyes are shut. You must both analyze and interact with your competitors so that you are able to see how the market is naturally segmented, how competitive you are, and where to adjust your offering to stand out.

Back-of-the-napkin calculations won't support a company over the long haul. Make sure you have the right pricing model so that your offering makes sense to customers and you can achieve better margins and greater profits.

When you become a member, you get all the tools needed to start and grow a business and the validation of entrepreneurs who understand your challenges. Plus, you get the comfort of hands-on help and support every step of the way to ensure your success.  If you need to write a business plan or create an investor deck—your life couldn’t get easier:  we have a Business Plan Writer built into our interface. 


On-Demand Tools

Work on your business when you want to with hundreds of how-to videos, templates, and worksheets.

Email us anytime.

Expert Business Coaches

Access to the deep experience of business mentors will save you time and expensive mistakes as well as validate your business assumptions, boost your confidence, and get your business to market faster.

Business Plan Builder

Everything you need to write a business plan is at your fingertips and saved online. It’s easy to update your business plan as you watch videos and complete worksheets.

Financial Plan Builder

Hands-on, practical knowledge of your profit and loss statement, forecasting and categorization of staffing and expenses, as well as cash flow—plus an easy, plug-and-play financial model.

Marketing and Sales Plan

A robust marketing plan for acquiring customers in a cost-effective way and a detailed sales plan outlining the best sales channels you can use to acquire customers.

Total Support

Support at your fingertips to help you keep the momentum going. Get answers to your toughest business questions by email and phone whenever you need it.

Use our MasterClasses to figure out the topics most important to your business success. Each MasterClass contains select videos, worksheets, and templates that walk you through applying best-practices to your business, so that you can take action right away.


The step-by-step progression helps you to organize and optimize your business, painlessly.


The best part is that before you become stuck, you can just pick up the phone or email us to keep yourself on track.


3 Key Benefits


Get any question answered fast

Save yourself the stress of searching endlessly for answers to your business questions! Not only can you email us anytime, but our highly-focused learning content provides clear guidance on building your business, and it’s all served up in an easy-to-navigate interface.

Work on your business wherever you are

Connect and learn from any tablet, phone, or laptop. The course design makes it effortless to write notes as you view videos and walk through the business-building materials. Not only can you save your work online, but you can write a business plan with our Business Plan Builder, create an investor deck, and a 3-year financial model using our Financial Plan Builder.


Saves time and expensive mistakes

Building your business happens faster with carefully-developed materials vetted by expert entrepreneurs with years of experience: every video, template, and worksheet in the MasterClasses is packed with examples and anecdotes and delivered in high-quality formats—so you can sail through planning and get to launch.

The Business Planning MasterClass is our most popular.  It walks you step-by-step through creating an incredible business plan for your business.


Even if you have no experience in business, we make it easy and fast to create a business plan.


What You Create

»  A concise, investment-worthy business plan

»  Investor pitch deck for seeking funding

»  A go-to-market strategy that clicks with customers

»  Sales and marketing plans that elevate profits

»  A financial model for three years of business


Business Planning MasterClass Overview

Your Business

Discover and articulate what sets your business apart from all the others. Write your company’s vision, mission, and social mission statements and compose your problem and solution statements.

Your Company

Build credibility with the people supporting your business with the right team, resources, experience, and business model to support it all.

Your Market

Hone in on the right market for your business. Define and size the market you’re operating in, calculate growth projections, identify market trends, define and segment your competition, and develop your unique advantage.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Customers must be able to understand your product or service in 3 seconds or less. Position your product or service to stand out, target the right market, and create the most compelling unique value proposition possible.

Your Products or Services

You must craft the story you tell about your product or service, clearly define what you’re selling, have a solid pricing strategy for it, and utilize the minimal viable product principle to get to market fast.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Choose from the top 19 sales and marketing strategies that comprise customer acquisition, including an in-depth survey of eleven marketing strategies and eight selling strategies to implement now.

Execution Strategy

Create a solid launch plan for your business that details your key performance indicators, milestones, startup and staffing plans, plus your risk and risk mitigation plans.

Financial Strategy

Get up to speed with fundamental small business finance principles, then forecast your revenue, staffing, and expense needs for the next 3 years, plus your income statement and cash flow, too, with the Financial Plan Builder.

The Financial Plan MasterClass gives you everything you need to create a robust financial model for your business. This is a critical piece of running any business. The most common reason businesses fail is because they run out of cash. With the proper financial model (like the one you get from this course), that will not happen to you.


What You Create

»  A complete financial model for your business

»  Staffing projections for your business

»  An Income statement (P&L) to analyze gross margin

»  Expense model to track where the money goes

»  A cash flow statement to benchmark against


Financial Plan MasterClass Overview

Financial Primer

Your business can only exist if you make money. While a sound financial plan can win over investors, it’s also critical to use financial planning tools to monitor your company’s progress over time.

Your Revenue Model

Revenue forecasting is a form of predicting the future. If you use sales and marketing activity and industry research as the basis for your revenue model, you will transform it into a powerful tool for tracking performance and staying on top of your cash flow.

Your Staffing

The success of your business depends on the people you employ. With a sound staffing plan, you can forecast personnel costs, prevent turnover, balance contractor versus staff hires, and predict ROI for positions across the organization.

Your Expense Model

Your business expenses will cease to be a mystery once you understand and set up your expense model. Get clear on your costs, keep track of cash flow, and set the right prices to achieve eventual profit.

Your Income Statement (P&L)

The income statement, or P&L, is the financial report investors will scrutinize the most, and with good reason: it’s where all your projections and calculations are summarized to tell the story, in numbers, of how your business will make money.

Your Cash Flow Statement

Eight out of 10 business fail, which is largely attributed to poor cash management. Tracking how much cash is coming in and going out is crucial to startup success. Build a sound cash flow model that serves as a benchmark when you launch and work toward profitability.

No question goes unanswered!  Our business is your business success, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.  We integrated your subscription with all the guidance and support you’ll need—from email and phone support to how-to videos and business-building templates—so that you can create, launch, and grow your dream business.



Never get stuck! Call or email us anytime with questions about your business planning process:

  • Leverage our business planning expertise
  • Find out what questions you should be asking about your business
  • Get feedback on your business assumptions



Leverage the insights of our weekly live sessions:

  • Get tips and advice from entrepreneurs who’ve been where you are
  • Feedback on the most urgent questions your business is facing
  • Use the live sessions to stay connected to your business



Extend your learning and make it continuous:

  • Continually grow your business knowledge as an entrepreneur
  • Find out about new sales and marketing methodologies
  • Keep up with the latest in thought leadership practices



Develop camaraderie while connecting with other entrepreneurs:

  • Learn from the questions and struggles of other entrepreneurs
  • Find out what business tools others are using successfully
  • Get entrepreneurially-minded feedback on your ideas

Support is the Secret Sauce

Too many entrepreneurs work in isolation, which leads to unnecessary, time-consuming mistakes.  Work with us and build your business faster, with less stress.

Progress and Structure

Enjoy the support of on-demand videos and templates built with entrepreneurs just like you in mind, guiding you along a clear, progressive path to completion—and launch.

Time-Savings and Expertise

Leverage the support and expertise of entrepreneurs who have built successful companies—saving time by avoiding mistakes they learned the hard way.

Success and Certainty

Benefit from the validation and testing of ideas before committing them to action by running ideas by experienced entrepreneurs.

There is no faster, easier way to get your business launched than putting the expertise and muscle of EntrepreneurNOW! to work for your business.

All the tools and guidance you need are here at your fingertips. Work at your own speed and rely on the carefully-crafted, organized content we’ve put together to guide you every step of the way, from idea to launch, and beyond.

And, remember, if you get stalled, we’re here with the tire iron and experience to get you back on track, fast.

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