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We walk you step-by-step with live Q&As, group sessions, mentoring, live events and easy-to-understand videos so that you can quickly elevate your game.

Most online courses are passive. Ours are engaging, dynamic, and powerful. This is because we combine online learning with guidance from expert mentors and a community of entrepreneurs running businesses just like you. These are the ingredients to make you successful.

Our unique learning approach presents learning in small bite-sized pieces, so it’s easy to digest, understand, and you can take action immediately.

Every business concept is reinforced with hands-on worksheets that guide you step-by-step through creating plans and strategies to run your business from, successfully.

The Business Planning MasterClass contains everything you need to build your business. Work step-by-step and create a business plan not only to seek investment with but use to run and grow your business, too. You will learn why a company vision must resonate with stakeholders, how to position your product or service in the minds of the customer, a solid plan for customer acquisition, and much, much more.

Run-time: 20 hours of video

Videos: 17 videos

Worksheets: 18 worksheets

Price: $498 (Save 25% - Now: $373.50) - Buy NOW!


The Financial Plan MasterClass will not only prepare you to pitch your business to banks and investors but also help you get your business finances in order. This MasterClass contains all of the tools you need to work out your cash flow, profit and loss, staffing projections, as well as a full set of financials and a complete financial model to apply to your business.

Run-time:  3 hours of video

Videos:  13 videos

Worksheets:  6 worksheets

Price:  $398 (Save 25% - Now: $298.50)- Buy NOW!

Whether you’ve been running your business for a while or not yet launched, this MasterClass will help you align your pricing strategy and selling strategies, your business and marketing strategies, and much, much more. You will learn who your target customer is and how to reach them, how to clearly communicate the value of your products and services to customers, how to align your pricing, and what selling and marketing tactics are ideal to reach your target customers.

Run-time: 8 hours of video

Videos:  30 videos

Worksheets:  6 worksheets

Price: $398 (Save 25% - Now: $298.50)- Buy NOW!


Your competitive strategy helps your business by guiding your positioning to make sure your business stands out, pushing you to iterate and outsmart the competition, helping you see where your competitors are weak so you can accentuate where you’re strong, and making your competitive advantage defensible. Too many business owners cover their eyes rather than keeping tabs on their competitors. That’s dangerous; competitors move fast and unless you open your eyes, they’ll leave you in their dust.

Run-time:  1 hr. 30 minutes of video

Videos:  11 videos

Worksheets:  3 worksheets

Price:  $198 (Save 25% - Now:  $148.50) - Buy NOW!

Every MasterClass includes...

OnDemand Videos

Easy to follow videos with progress tracking and note-taking.

Planning Worksheets

Hands-on business planning and strategy worksheets to guide you through the process. 

Unlimited Support

Unlimited email and phone support so that you can get help when you need it.

Live Events

Free access to our live events that help spark new ideas and connect you with the greater entrepreneurial community.

Live Q&A Sessions

Live Q&A sessions so you can learn tips and get advice from other entrepreneurs and feedback on your urgent questions

Special Offers

Special offers on mentoring services + upcoming courses so you can stay on track.


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