Learning Paths

Guided Learning Experiences Curated by Our Experts



Each of our Learning Paths walks you through a topic in-depth through a series of videos that cover key topics. Included are financial strategy, pricing, customer acquisition, product positioning and more.

In this learning path, you’ll grasp the key fundamentals of managing the finances of your business—from the basic underpinnings of sound planning to key financial statements like your P&L and cash flow and financial models like staffing, revenue, and expenses.


This learning path explains the Top 19 sales and marketing strategies that comprise customer acquisition, including an in-depth survey of eleven marketing strategies and eight selling strategies to implement now.


It is almost always better to launch a good product faster than a “perfect” product sometime in the distant future. This learning path will cover how to tell a story about your product or service, define it clearly, the MVP concept (and why you should utilize it), as well as building a solid roadmap for your product and defending your strategy in a competitive market.


Customers must be able to understand your product or service in three seconds or less. Knowing how to position your product or service is what makes you stand out in today’s crowded markets where customer’s attention is short and pulled in many directions—your product or service must not only catch customers’ attention but make sense to them. Nailing down your unique value proposition, target market, and product positioning will get you there.


Using the tools in this learning path, you can hone in on the right market with confidence, project the potential size of your customer base and forecast how quickly it will grow, based in part on the industry trends most relevant to your business.


Do you have a solid launch plan for your business? This learning path details how to create your key performance indicators (KPIs), what business milestones to include, how to represent your staff, and the importance of identifying risk as well as your plans for risk mitigation.


This Learning Path helps you get a solid grasp on the capabilities that set your business apart from others in the most fundamental terms: your vision and mission, key success factors, and your ability to articulate the problem you’re solving for customers, or the the world at large.


Credibility is everything in business. They way to build credibility with the people supporting your business is to show them you have the right team with the right background, the best resources and equipment, and a business model to support it all. This learning path explains how to communicate the big picture of your small business to investors as well as your team so that you grab their attention and secure their commitment to the business’ success.