Killer Negotiating Tools and Techniques


Welcome to this micro-course on Killer Negotiating Tools and Techniques.  Being skilled at negotiating is important in both your business and in your personal life. We are going to talk about some great tactics that will help you in your negotiating skills…you might even consider it fun. I love to negotiate.

Are you a person that hates to negotiate?  Are you fearful that you could blow a deal because you are afraid to negotiate and perhaps end up leaving much on the table?

If you hate to negotiate and avoid it at all cost, most likely you simply do not have the tools and techniques that are needed to build your confidence when negotiating.  Confidence is the key to being a great negotiator.   Here are some great tools that I have been using for year that will most assuredly make you a great negotiator.

There will be 10 tips in all.  We add about one a week to this page so come back often!


Tool #1 - Always Let the Other Person Go First!


Tool #2 - Both Parties Should Feel Some Pain


Tool #3 - Put it in the Parking Lot


Tool #5 - Don't Negotiate with Yourself


Tool #7 - Put It On Your Paper



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