Business Development / Sales Representative (Commission Only)

Be a part of the eLearning explosion and making a difference in the lives of Entrepreneurs



Business Development / Sales Representative (Commission Only)

(with strong Digital Marketing Skills)


Be a part of the eLearning explosion and making a difference in the lives of Entrepreneurs


The EntrepreneurNOW Network is looking for a highly motivated and talented sales representative to sell its high quality eLearning MasterClasses (both Live and OnDemand) to small businesses and entrepreneurs.


The Opportunity

As you may know eLearning is hotter than ever before and is expected to continue as the world gets used to this way of learning.  We are seeing demand for eLearning content skyrocket.  The EntrepreneurNOW Network is well positioned to take advantage of this growing trend by providing world class MasterClasses and other courses to small businesses and entrepreneurs on how to successfully start, fund, grow and run their businesses.  Now more than ever, entrepreneurs need this education to get through these difficult times.

As a Business Development Representative, you would be selling our Live and OnDemand Masterclasses direct to entrepreneurs and small businesses who really need this type of education.  You will need to use both your marketing and selling skills with this job to attract entrepreneurs to the program.  We do provide a host of marketing materials including, articles, eBooks, blog posts, ads and other materials to make things easier for you. This combined with your digital marketing and selling skills will create a winning formula for attracting many entrepreneurs to our programs.

We also allow our commission only representatives to sell directly into companies that serve small businesses and entrepreneurs.  By building a partnership with these companies and organizations, your deal size can shoot up by selling our MasterClasses and courses.  Please note the commission structure is a bit different for these types of deals but still very generous.


Commission Plan:

ENN pays 40% on all sales including both its Live MasterClasses and the OnDemand Library.  In addition ENN is offering an additional 10% commission for the first 90 days (for a total of 50%).


Skills Needed: 

  • Strong selling and communication skills
  • Very experienced in digital marketing and social media for lead generation
  • Experience with Business to Consumer sales.  Business to Business is also nice to have
  • A understanding of Hubspot (for b to b sales only) is nice to have but not required
  • Good skills creating and executing email campaigns


About the EntrepreneurNOW (ENN)

The EntrepreneurNOW Network is dedicated to providing high quality education to entrepreneurs ensuring them a higher degree of success as they start and grow their small businesses.  Our growing library of courses contains 4 MasterClasses on Business Your Dream Business, Creating a Robust Financial Plan, Crushing the Competition and Creating a Solid Go to Market Strategy.  We also offer several Live MasterClasses that are extremely popular.  Our high quality courses and MasterClasses are available on both the LinkedIn Learning network (one of the world’s largest learning platforms) and Learn@Forbes.  Our Masterclasses range in price from $199 - $999 per entrepreneur per class.

The EntrepreneurNOW Network also has a membership site where small businesses and entrepreneurs can gain access to our entire library for a monthly or yearly subscription.  If you are interested in the opportunity, and want to check out the site, just go to:  Also we are happy to give you a free one month subscription if you are applying for the job.  And if you are working with us, you will receive a free yearly subscription.

Ken Burke is the founder of the EntrepreneurNOW Network and creator of the courses.  He is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and author.  In addition, Ken is a thought leader in the entrepreneurial space and recently authored his second book named, Prosper – 5 Key Steps to Thriving in Business and Life.  Ken also founded MarketLive in 1995, a market-leading, enterprise class eCommerce software platform that major merchants have used to generate billions in sales. He sold the company in 2016. Ken earned his MBA in entrepreneurship from the USC Marshall School of Business, which later named him Entrepreneur of the Year.

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