EntrepreneurNOW Instructor Program


The EntrepreneurNOW! Network (ENN) is dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and corporate  managers throughout the world.

Our mission is to positively impact these folks’ lives by allowing them to learn a wide range of critical business-related strategies. The learnings are provided by highly experienced, subject-matter-expert instructors who are active practitioners in their respective trades. Therefor they speak from real life experience, not as academics. They, themselves, have run/are running successful businesses in their lifetimes.

ENN offers an extensive portfolio of courses that walk the entrepreneurial student, step-by-step, through each strategy necessary to launch, grow, or operate within, any type of business. Our courses span a wide range of basic through advanced topics such as;

  • developing a business plan
  • creating a robust financial forecasting model
  • building an impactful investor deck
  • writing an effective customer acquisition strategy
  • branding
  • sales mastery
  • public speaking
  • emotional intelligence
  • leadership essentials
  • and many others…

Each course is highly interactive with knowledge checks, polls, discussions, and quizzes throughout the course.  Courses are accompanied by course guides providing all the key lessons in an easy to follow format.  Finally, each course may also include a workshop designed to apply what the student has learned to his/her business or business idea.  Worksheets may be included to guide them through this process.

ENN uses a microlearning approach so that each concept is broken down into digestible, bite size pieces, creating an easy path to understanding.  As we take students through this educational journey, we present relevant stories of success and numbers of real life business examples, bringing our teachings to life.


We are always scouting for talented course creators to join our network. We believe that there are three reasons to create stellar course content and to join us as a eLearning content creation partner.

  • Create a substantial level of branding for your own business. Your assets may be used to promote your own business in any way you choose. Having your course content sculpted properly will ensure that you portray a professional and credible persona to your current and prospective clients.
  • Create a legacy. Good course material will withstand the test of time. We encourage our course creators to focus on the basic tenants of their craft, as opposed to environmental elements that will change like the wind. For instance, good marketing practice will always be in vogue, whereas the specific rules of engagement on venues like Facebook or Google will change on a daily basis and render course material quickly obsolete.
  • Create long-term residual income. Ascribing to the above two tenants can help ensure that your course content will have “long legs,” and be attractive to students through time. This equates to income derived. Although we believe that this should be considered a “distant third” reason to create, it can be quite rewarding.

We will promote your courses to our distribution partners. They may include eLearning portals, corporate entities and academia. Our agreements are non-exclusive and provide you the right to distribute your content where you please. We never take title to your assets/intellectual property (IP). Our revenue share to you is always 50% of the amount we receive from our distribution partners for your contributions.

The industry currently points to courses of 25 – 45 minutes total run time, comprised of a number of short lessons (5 – 7), is optimum for students. These may be licensed/sold individually by our distribution partners. However, we our highly encourage our course creators to architect their courses on a particular subject so they may be coherently strung together to form a longer “mastery courses.” These may be particularly appealing to certain channels and enhance your positioning, and hence, income. These “mastery courses” may contain as many as ten individual courses, or more.

Optimally, your courses may contain:

  • knowledge checks*
  • quizzes*
  • worksheets
  • workshops
  • resource material
  • course guides
  • sub-titles

*Required by many networks

Here is a short, narrated PowerPoint presentation where EntrepreneurNOW CEO Ken Burke, candidly briefs on our Content Partner Program

We are laser-focused on your success. As you’re creating new courses, we’ll guide you so that your production is highly-magnetic to the most active and lucrative distribution partners around the world.


To learn more, reach us at info@entrepreneurnow.com



A Sampling of Our Instructors

Eric Lofholm

Sales Mastery

Arvee Robinson

Public Speaking

Carol Marzouk

Leadership Mastery

Ken Burke

Business Strategy / Entrepreneurship

TJ Walker


Valerie Sargent

Emotional Intelligence