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Step-by-step guidance through the business financials process with live Q&A, group mentoring, unlimited email and easy-to-understand videos.

Looking to get your business funded? We’ve got you covered. You’ll get all of the tools you need to pitch to investors, including a financial model to apply to your business, and a full set of financials to seek funding.

It’s time to create a financial plan that will support your business’ growth and success.

Do You Know the #1 Reason Businesses Fail?

They Run Out of Cash.

We don’t want that to happen to you!

Here’s why having a set of financials sets you up for success:

  • Your financial plan validates the feasibility of your business
  • If you’re going for funding, investors expect to see a solid financial plan
  • Clear identification of the optimal time to hire staff or contractors
  • Planning prevents cash flow issues, like running out of cash
  • Provides you with a framework for operating your business
  • Creates business benchmarks to measure on a monthly bases
  • Shows you the future of your business—enables you to take preemptive action and adjust course

A revenue forecast is central to your business, it’s the foundation that all of your financial decisions will stem from.

Too many entrepreneurs avoid financials, simply because they don’t fully understand it.  That must stop now!  We will  teach you everything you need to know. (Not to spoil the surprise, but you’ll be shocked by how easy and straightforward business financials actually are!)

The Business Planning MasterClass contains everything you need to create a complete set of financials for your business. You will be guided through the entire process will full support by email, live Q&A sessions, and phone.


  • How to create a justified revenue forecast that will stand up to investor scrutiny.
  • What Gross Margin is and why it’s vitally important to understanding.
  • How to build a staffing plan, and when to use contractors and hire staff.
  • The ability to accurately predict your Max Negative Cash Flow and why it’s important to track it closely.
  • The difference between Operating Profit and Gross Margin and how each plays into the long term health and growth potential of your business.
  • What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to set in order to drive your business forward and scale.
  • How to eliminate any fears you may have about dealing with business financials.

We include hours of video instruction and a comprehensive financial model that allows you to forecast your revenue and expenses along with automatically generating your financial statements.  We also provide Prep Worksheets that guide you through assembling your plan.

Module 1 - Financial Primer

We will examine and counteract common misperceptions about financial planning, learn about different models for revenue and cost projections, and discuss concepts such as the maximum negative cash flow that potential investors will scrutinize. Key expense and revenue models and financial statements will be reviewed one-by-one, with accompanying worksheets and formulas to help you build your own realistic, credible models.

Module 2 - Your Revenue Model

Here, you will examine what drivers create revenue, which revenue models work best for your product, service, subscription, or membership businesses, and how to predict how fast your business will scale.

Module 3 - Your Staffing

Understand how staffing plans interact with the rest of your financial reporting, and establish guidelines for whether to build staff or hire contractors, how to set pay rates and predict costs of benefits, and calculate the ROI of positions across the organization.

Module 4 - Your Expense Model

Time to roll up your sleeves and get into your potential expenses and their classifications, along with their potential tax implications, and offers a detailed worksheet for breaking out and tracking all the costs involved in running your business. Armed with this information, you’ll not only build solid financials for your business plan you’ll also build a buffer against overspending.

Module 5 - Your Income Statement (P&L)

Here, you’ll examine the five key components of the income statement and how they relate to the models and projections you’ve already built and explore what the summary numbers reveal about your business’ potential for growth through such calculations as net revenue, gross margin and operating margin.

Module 6 - Your Cash Flow Statement

Your cash flow statement is key! It provides an ongoing record of income, investments, and expenses so you can adjust activities and stay on target. You can also predict how much you need to invest in the business before your business achieves positive cash flow— more money coming in than going out. You will also delve into strategies for managing cash flow and establishing a realistic basis for cash flow projections.

Entrepreneurs tend to avoid financial planning. Don't wait until you run out of cash or find yourself unable to pay employees—build a financial model for your business today.


 Gain the confidence that comes from knowing your business inside-out.

Get the competitive advantage that comes from preparation—of a sound financial plan.

Position your business for success with our incredible financial planning tools and support.



Our Financial Primer videos show you how to create the most accurate revenue forecast possible.


Everything you need to run your business, get funding, and position yourself for success. Tap into guidance on how to operate the financial model at any time, with our easy-to-follow videos and live support.


Plan and project the staffing needs and hires for your business over the next three years, whether contractors or employees, and exactly when to make those hires.


Hands-on, practical knowledge of your profit and loss statement, what every line of the statement means, and how it impacts your business.


Gain deep, hands-on knowledge of how to forecast and categorize all of your expenses.


How to use your cash flow statement to know exactly what your immediate cash needs are as well as projected into the future.

It’s time to master the key fundamentals of managing the finances of your business—from the basic underpinnings of sound planning to key financial statements like your P&L and cash flow and financial models like staffing, revenue, and expenses.  With this MasterClass, you get a complete financial model to build your entire financial plan with.  All you do is enter the numbers and the model takes care of the rest.

  • Forecast your revenue monthly for up to 3 years.
  • Financial Model works any type of business including Services, Products, Manufacturing and Subscription.
  • Guides you through the estimating process
  • Re-forecast your revenue anytime you need to
  • Use the model to create different scenarios
  • Plan out your staffing needs including positions, hire dates and salaries
  • Categorize your staff by department for easy tracking
  • Budget for any contractors need
  • Update staff and contractors as your business changes
  • Forecast all your expenses by line item
  • All employee and contractor expenses automatically calculate including benefits and taxes
  • Model categorizes expenses for you so everything flows into your financial statements automatically
  • Your income statement is automatically generated
  • Gives you critical data required to run your business including gross margin, operating margins, and net profit or loss
  • Model allows you to run what / if analysis to see how your different forecasts impact the business
  • Easily determine your monthly cash position
  • Allows you to account for any investments into the business
  • Determine your max negative cash flow so you know exactly if and when you will run out of cash
  • Your cash flow statement is automatically generated

We integrated the MasterClass program with all the guidance and support you need to plan your business, develop a business plan, stakeholder pitch deck, investor deck, and a complete set of financials for your business.

We are with you every step of the way.



Don’t go it alone! Call or email us anytime with questions about your business planning process or business plan:

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Our team will be there with you every step of the way providing our years of experience in business to support and guide you through this process.  We are committed to making your business an incredible success.

Now is the time to take action to create financials for your business—financials to support your business and its growth!

Special Bonuses

Use our Execution Plan Builder to set your key performance indicators (KPIs), identify business milestones, staffing needs projections, and quantify risk and your risk mitigation strategies—with our guidance, included with your purchase.

Find out how to raise capital for your business by taking advantage of the free 30-minute business coaching session, included with your purchase.


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