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  • Company Overview Explained
    Ken Burke 13 min
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    Learn why a concise company overview sets you apart from other entrepreneurs—and gives you credibility. Learn what questions your company overview should address and see examples of how other businesses showcase their assets.

The Company Overview section of your business plan must excite investors. From the founders’ bios and company history to your business location and business model, it must be clear that you’re poised to succeed. This learning stream helps you navigate the five essential sections to include in your plan: company profile, team, staffing, business model, and current status—all with examples, as well as solid business mindset tips and how to talk to investors. The workshop provides a walk-through of the tactical aspects of the learning stream will be walked-through in the workshop step-by-step.

You will Learn:

  • What should I include (and leave out) of my Company Overview?
  • How do I represent my management team and staff?
  • What do I say about my funding stage, business model, and my current status?
  • What amount of personal, team, and company history should I share?
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