Your Problem and Solution Statements

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  • Problem & Solution Statements Explained
    Ken Burke 8 min
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    The key to your business success is finding a problem and solving it. And the strength of the customer problem you're solving determines the likelihood that your business will solve it. This overview will define problem and solution statements so that you can crystalize what problem you're actually solving for customers. Included is a look at the problem and solution statements for meal subscription service Hello Fresh.

What problem does your company solve for customers? Your answer is the reason your business exists. The story of how your company addresses a specific customer need is an essential component of your business plan; not only does it validate your business strategy, but it convinces investors that your company solves a meaningful problem. This learning stream covers strategies for identifying and developing a compelling problem and solution statement, including how to identify customer pain points and highlight the tangible remedies your offering provides.

You will learn:

  • Why do I need to express my company’s purpose as a problem and solution?
  • How can I adopt a customer-first viewpoint to define the problem and solution statement?
  • Is the problem my company solves too big or too small?
  • How can my company’s offering address the needs of customers?
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