Customer Acquisition: Marketing Objectives

26 min
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  • Marketing Plan Objectives Explained
    Ken Burke 7 min
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    Learn why your marketing objectives are fundamental to building a marketing strategy for your business and a critical component of your business strategy overall.

Marketing objectives are the ultimate To Achieve list for all of your marketing activities. But you must set concrete and measurable goals. This Learning Stream explores the different between week and strong objectives, ideas for types of objectives to set, and includes a workshop that will prepare you for drafting marketing objectives for your own business. Types of objectives explored include pricing, awareness and branding, social media, site traffic, sales growth, market share, and more.

You will learn:

  • Learn how to create concrete objectives that boost your marketing effectiveness
  • Create objectives that guide your actions in-step with your execution plan
  • Weigh factors that impact what percentage of your budget you choose to invest in demand creation progrems
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