Your Unique Value Proposition

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  • Unique Value Proposition Explained
    Ken Burke 9 min
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    How and why customers perceive the unique value of your product or service is something integrated into all aspects of your customer communication—from your website to marketing and social media to packaging. This Microcast explains how that works by looking at a few top brands and how they communicate their unique value propositions.

To communicate value to customers, you need more than a list of features; you must communicate both the practical and emotional benefits customers will derive and create a story that calls out the most unique and compelling attributes you offer. This learning stream will guide you through the process of identifying which business elements to highlight in your unique value proposition. You’ll access tools for brainstorming how your offering satisfies emotional desires, alleviates fears or stresses, and addresses immediate practical needs, including prompts specifically for B2B companies. You’ll learn why your unique value proposition is different than your unique competitive advantage, while also surveying your competitors’ unique value propositions to better understand what sets them apart from each other – and what distinct elements your own business should highlight. Workshop exercises will apply the tactics in real life, so that you can better articulate your businesses most compelling and unique benefits and set the stage for success.

You will learn:

  • Which aspects of my business plan are driven by the unique value proposition?
  • Which is more important — the uniqueness of my business, or the value it provides?
  • What kinds of benefits resonate with customers?
  • What emotional needs can my offering meet to create customer value?
  • What’s the difference between UVP and UCA?
  • How should I format my unique value proposition in my business plan or investor pitch deck?
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