Positioning Your Product or Service

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  • Product and Service Positioning Explained
    Ken Burke 14 min
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    This Microcast offers an overview of how problem and solutions statements, mission and vision, and key business strategies connect to your product and service positioning—plus a look at how top brands have positioned their products and services.

How do your customers see you? Market positioning is at the intersection of your offering and your customers – in the form of both the promise you make in the form of messaging, and customer perceptions of how well you deliver on that promise. Your goal is to uniquely claim a niche in the marketplace that encapsulates the value you deliver to your audience. To help define your claim, this learning stream provides a six-step framework for honing your positioning. You’ll examine the facets of your business to find the elements you deliver that resonate most with customers, use starter wording templates as a jumping-off point, and validate your work with seven key criteria. Multiple examples from product, technology, and service companies are discussed throughout – including how poor repositioning of one of American’s best-known brands damaged the company. Workshop exercises will guide you through creation of positioning statements that will form the basis of your marketing and messaging strategy at launch and beyond.

You will learn:

  • What cues can I take from my product or service offering to inform my positioning?
  • What other elements of my business plan and strategy are affected by positioning?
  • How do companies I know position themselves?
  • What role does competition play in positioning?
  • How can I identify which elements of the business to emphasize for positioning?
  • How can I find out what matters to customers about my offering?


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