Your Execution Strategy

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    Ken Burke 16 min
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    Your execution strategy covers the nuts and bolts of the launch of your business—a high-level plan that documents how you'll execute your launch and keep your business up and running. This overview covers the five areas of a solid execution plan: Milestones, staffing plan, risk and risk mitigation plans, key performance indicators (KPIs), and start-up plan.
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You’ve staked out a vision, studied the competition, and run the numbers – now, how to get from point A to point B? Use an execution strategy as your go-to-launch playbook. Your execution strategy contains all the nuts-and-bolts plans you need to start the business, from identifying key milestones to establishing performance metrics that will help you benchmark your progress. Staffing goals, risk mitigation, startup tactics, and any other specifics your business requires, from technology specs to strategic sourcing relationships, should all be concretely described to give potential investors confidence that you know what it takes to get to launch. Full of useful charts and tools for creating your own action plans, this learning stream also looks at real-life examples to show how elements of the execution strategy come into play. Armed with the downloads plus the accompanying workshop session, you’ll have everything you need to develop an execution strategy that sets out the steps along your path to success.

You will learn:

  • What can an execution strategy do that the rest of the business plan can’t?
  • Why do investors care about execution strategy?
  • How far past launch should be execution strategy go?
  • What criteria can I use to make sure I’m choosing the right milestones?
  • How is a staffing plan different than a financial staffing model?
  • What kinds of risks should I address?
  • Why are KPIs important to establish before launch?
  • Should I include industry-specific elements in my execution strategy?
  • What’s wrong with being aggressive and optimistic with my projections?
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