Customer Acquisition: Selling Strategies

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  • Selling Strategies Explained
    Ken Burke 17 min
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    No sales means no customers, which means no company. Selling your products and services is essential! In this Microcast, Ken provides an overview of direct and indirect selling models and tips for how to choose the right models for your particular business. Direct selling models include retail, catalog/direct marketing, direct sales, and network marketing; whereas indirect selling models include 3rd party distributors, resellers, partners, manufacturers' reps, OEM or white label, and licensing.
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These days, entrepreneurs have more ways than ever to sell their products or services, including directly to consumers online. The trick is to identify which selling strategies will yield the right mix of profits and market share. While using direct sales methods enables you to pocket more of the margin and establish direct connections with your customers, indirect sales methods can spread your products far and wide quickly and help your brand gain a foothold fast. This learning stream delves into individual selling strategies, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each, and provides a framework for evaluating which are most appropriate for your business. Tips for connecting your selling strategies to your marketing strategy and incorporating selling models into your company financials are also covered. Extensive worksheets and exercises enable you to identify the sales techniques that will win customers most profitably.

You will learn:

  • How can I determine the best sales channel for my business?
  • Which are better, direct or indirect sales?
  • How does my company’ eventual scale affect which selling strategies to use?
  • Why do investors care which selling strategies I use?
  • How can I determine my sales margin?
  • What are the pros and cons of direct selling?
  • What is a reseller versus a distributor?
  • How can I track performance of indirect sales channels ?


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