Your Unique Competitive Advantage

23 min
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  • Unique Competitive Advantage Explained
    Ken Burke 5 min
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    What makes you unstoppable in the marketplace? That's the very that your unique competitive advantage answers. Crafting your unique competitive advantage gives customers a reason to buy from you, informs your positioning, and drives your business strategy. This overview of unique competitive advantage also includes a look at WOW air and what makes their UCA differentiated, unique, sustainable, and relevant in the market.

What do you offer your audience that no one else can? Defining your unique competitive advantage not only communicates why customers should choose you; investors, too, want to know what sets you apart. And as the cornerstone of your sales and marketing strategy, your unique competitive advantage is the foundation of a successful business launch. This learning stream equips you with a framework for identifying your company’s unique competitive advantage, so that you can build on that foundation with confidence.

You will learn: 

  • How can I identify which aspects of my business are unique and relevant?
  • What attributes are commonly used to establish a unique competitive advantage?
  • How can I test whether I’ve chosen to highlight the right elements of my business?
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