What is Your Competitive Advantage?

Know Your Competition. Beat your Competition.

Every Tool You Need to Win is Right at Your Fingertips!

Our experts guide you step-by-step with live Q&As, group mentoring, unlimited email and easy-to-understand videos to quickly elevate your game.

Whether you’ve been running your business for a while or about to launch, this MasterClass will help you identify which competitors’ matter, tricks for adjusting your positioning, and much, much more.

Your Competitive Strategy is what Keeps You in the Game

Stop losing customers to the competition!

Understand how to stand out.


Your Competitive Strategy Strengthens Your Business by:

  • Guides your positioning so that you can stand out
  • Pushes your business to iterate and be better
  • Sheds light on where your competitors are weak, so you can accentuate where you’re strong
  • Making your competitive advantage crystal-clear
  • Helping you see your business objectively

Knowing how to position your business against your competitors guides customers into your door on onto your site. Too many business owners cover their eyes rather than keeping tabs on their competitors. That’s dangerous; competitors move fast and unless you open your eyes, they’ll leave you in their dust.

You probably started your business without looking back at your competitive research, right? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!  It’s not too late to build a competitive strategy that immediately strengthens your business.  Your business has everything to gain—better customer retention, more sales, and a crystal-clear advantage over the competition.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know. (Not to spoil the surprise, but you’ll be shocked by how easy and straightforward it is to craft a competitive strategy!)

The Crushing Your Competition MasterClass contains everything you need to create a complete, winning strategy for your business. You will be guided through the entire process will full support by email, live Q&A sessions, and phone.  Included in this course are: video instruction, business planning tools, and Prep Worksheets that guide you through assembling your plan. You can even create your competitive strategy inside the MasterClass as you work through the content.



  • How to plot your business on a Competitive Matrix—showcasing why you are the obvious contender in the competitive landscape.
  • How to position your business in the market so that it stands up to the toughest competition.
  • How to shape your competitive advantage to differentiate from similar competitors.
  • How to study direct and indirect competitors in terms of wallet share, positioning, and value offered.
  • How to create a competitive grid that will spotlight the path towards greatest differentiation in the market.
  • How to hone your competitive advantage to stand out more sharply than ever in your market.
Module 1 - Defining & Segmenting Competition

Contrary to popular belief, having plenty of competitors is a good sign – that's what makes a thriving market. In this module you will delve deep into your competition, with strategies for identifying and evaluating competitors and classifying them to discover where opportunities lie to fill gaps in the marketplace.


Module 2 - Your Competitive Matrix

A competitive matrix is more than a pretty picture. By highlighting your unique strengths vis a vis other players in the space, you gain a greater understanding of your market, and a valuable marketing tool. Learn how to select and plot relevant strengths, and how to identify and evaluate competitors, in order to position your business as a market leader

Module 3 - Unique Competitive Advantage

What do you offer your audience that no one else can? Defining your unique competitive advantage is the foundation of a successful business launch. This learning stream equips you with a framework for identifying your company's unique competitive advantage, from surveying the competitive landscape to pinpointing what sets you apart.

This MasterClass gives you a comprehensive and actionable competitive strategy—which truly means the difference between having a distinctive product or service and potential customers running to the competition.


Gain the confidence that comes from knowing your competitive position is solid.

Get the competitive advantage that comes from an eyes-wide-open approach.

With our tools and support you will be positioning yourself for success.


The Competitive Grid

A complete study your competition and their strengths and weakness will reveal your competitive advantages.

Competitive Scoring Matrix

A ranking of your competition will reveal who is strong, and not, and where to focus your efforts.

Your Market Segmentation

A proper, in-depth analysis of the competitive market, and how you’re different—because competition goes well beyond “direct.”

Competitive Matrix

Not only do banks and investors expect to see where you’re positioned on a competitive matrix; it’s time you mastered the Matrix.

Unique Competitive Advantage

Practice articulating what makes you unique in the market so that you can communicate it to investors and customers alike.

Analyze Competitor's Website

You will learn how to get an amazing amount of competitive information just by analyzing your competitor's website

We integrated the MasterClass program with all the guidance and support you need to plan your business, develop a business plan, stakeholder pitch deck, investor deck, and a complete set of financials for your business.

We are with you every step of the way.



Don’t go it alone! Call or email us anytime with questions about your business planning process or business plan:

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Extend your learning and make it continuous:

  • Continually grow your business knowledge as an entrepreneur
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Develop camaraderie while connecting with other entrepreneurs:

  • Learn from the questions and struggles of other entrepreneurs
  • Find out what business tools others are using successfully
  • Get entrepreneurially-minded feedback on your ideas

We’ll help you study your competitive position so that you have the best possible position for your business.  We have everything you need to build a competitive strategy from the ground-up—or just tune-up your existing strategy.

Our team will be there with you every step of the way providing our years of experience in business to support and guide you through this process.  We are committed to making your business an incredible success.

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