Company Overview


The EntrepreneurNOW! Network (ENN) is dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and corporate managers throughout the world. For the entrepreneur, we train on starting, running, and growing successful businesses. For corporate managers, we believe the best embrace and operate in the entrepreneurial spirit, and we provide those very skill sets that will groom them.

Our mission is to positively impact these entrepreneurial folks’ lives by allowing them to learn a wide range of critical business strategies. The learnings are provided by highly experienced, subject-matter-expert instructors who are active practitioners in their respective trades. Therefor they speak from real life experience, not as academics. They, themselves, have run successful businesses in their lifetimes.

ENN offers an extensive portfolio of courses that walk the entrepreneurial student, step-by-step, through each strategy necessary to launch, grow, or operate within, any type of business. Our courses span a wide range of basic through advanced topics such as;

  • developing a business plan
  • creating a robust financial forecasting model
  • building an impactful investor deck
  • creating an effective customer acquisition strategy
  • branding
  • sales mastery
  • public speaking
  • emotional intelligence
  • leadership essentials
  • and many others…

Each course is highly interactive with knowledge checks, polls, discussions, and quizzes throughout the course. Courses are accompanied by course guides providing all the key lessons in an easy to follow format. Finally, each course also includes a workshop designed to apply what the student has learned to his/her business or business idea. Worksheets are included to guide them through this process.

ENN uses a microlearning approach so that each concept is broken down into digestible, bite size pieces, creating an easy path to understanding. And, since all courses are video-based, the student may absorb the material in a structured, consistent fashion at their own pace. As we take them through this educational journey, we present relevant stories of entrepreneurial success and numbers of real life business examples, bringing our teachings to life.

Ken Burke, the founder of ENN, is a serial entrepreneur in the high-tech industry, based on San Francisco. After building one of the most successful eCommerce software platforms in the industry which created over 2 billion dollars in revenue a year for retailers, he sold the company in 2016 and is now focused on helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Ken has had his hand in much of the content ENN produces and is often on screen himself, teaching. Ken shares his lessons learned over his 25 years of running businesses.

This is your opportunity to learn valuable lessons from true industry experts.