Market & Competition

Understand all aspects of your who you are competing against and the dynamics of your market

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Learning Stream

Defining and Segmenting Competition

Contrary to popular belief, having plenty of competitiors is a good sign – that's what makes a thriving market. This learning stream delves deep into the competition, with strategies for identifying and evaluating competitors and classifying them to discover where opportunities lie to fill gaps in the marketplace.
Ken Burke 34m Pub. Sep 15, 2018
Learning Stream

Your Unique Competitive Advantage

What do you offer your audience that no one else can? Defining your unique competitive advantage is the foundation of a successful business launch. This learning stream equips you with a framework for identifying your company's unique competitive advantage, from surveying the competitive landscape to pinpointing what sets you apart.
Ken Burke 23m Pub. Sep 15, 2018
Learning Stream

Your Competitive Matrix

A competitive matrix is more than a pretty picture. By highlighting your unique strengths vis a vis other players in the space, you gain a greater understanding of your market, and a valuable marketing tool. Learn how to select and plot relevant strengths, and how to identify and evaluate competitors, in order to position your business as a market leader.
Ken Burke 26m Pub. Sep 15, 2018
Learning Stream

Defining & Sizing Your Market

When sizing your potential market, it's tempting to say the sky's the limit – but if your goal is an accurate projection, tighten the focus until you have a clear and specific picture. This learning stream introduces the market funnel framework, a three-step process for defining your target audience and sizing segments in terms investors can use and you can apply to your financial plan.
Ken Burke 35m Pub. Sep 15, 2018
Learning Stream

Market Trends

Catching a trend on the upswing can give your business launch added momentum. This learning stream gives you the tools to capitalize on trends while steering clear of fads. The session covers top trends affecting businesses worldwide and in specific sectors, and points you to definitive sources for uncovering trends relevant to your business.
Ken Burke 38m Pub. Sep 15, 2018