Execution Strategy

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Your Execution Strategy

You've staked out a vision, studied the competition, and run the numbers – now, how to get from point A to point B? Use an execution strategy as your go-to-launch playbook. Your execution strategy contains all the nuts-and-bolts plans you need to start the business, and gives potential investors confidence that you know what it takes to get to launch. With this learning stream, you'll have everything you need to develop an execution strategy that sets out the steps along your path to success.
Ken Burke 1h 19m Pub. Sep 15, 2018
Learning Path

Execution Strategy

Your execution strategy communicates how you will get from here to launch. It's a concise desciption that spells out the concrete steps your business will take to lift-off, which earns you credibility with investors and staff alike. Topics in this learning path include: how to create your key performance indicators (KPIs), what business milestones to include, how to represent your staff, and the importance of identifying risk as well as your plans for risk mitigation.
Ken Burke 0 Pub. Sep 15, 2018