Customer Acquisition

Create a robust sales and marketing strategy to ensure your company will grow

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Customer Acquisition: Selling Strategies

These days, entrepreneurs have more ways than ever to sell their products or services, including directly to consumers online. The trick is to identify which selling strategies will yield the right mix of profits and market share. This learning stream delves into individual selling strategies, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each, and provides a framework for evaluating which are most appropriate for your business.
Ken Burke 1h 36m Pub. Sep 15, 2018
Learning Stream

Customer Acquistion: Thought Leadership

Thought leadership can bring your message to customers and afford them a chance to understand and connect with your brand on a deeper level. This Learning Stream presents examples of thought leadership and an in-depth look at how to leverage this form of free content marketing, which includes blogs, reports, speaking gigs, PR, and more, to your advantage. A workshop developed to support you work with the thought leadership prep worksheet completes this Learning Stream.
Ken Burke 25m Pub. Sep 15, 2018
Learning Stream

Customer Acquisition: Marketing Objectives

Marketing objectives are the ultimate To Achieve list for all of your marketing activities. But you must set concrete and measurable goals. This Learning Stream explores the different between week and strong objectives, ideas for types of objectives to set, and includes a workshop that will prepare you for drafting marketing objectives for your own business.
Ken Burke 26m Pub. Sep 15, 2018
Learning Path

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Why do some businesses stay small, while others thrive? Customers. Do not leave sales for others to manage—grasp the tools to make your business stand out and attract customers. Take time to create sales and marketing strategies that are aligned with your other business strategies so that your customers will flock to your website, store, or service window. This learning path explains the Top 19 sales and marketing strategies that comprise customer acquisition, including an in-depth survey of eleven top marketing strategies and eight powerful selling strategies that you can implement now.
Ken Burke 4h 9m Pub. Sep 15, 2018
Learning Stream

Customer Acquisition: Marketing Programs

How are you going to create demand for your products and services? This two-part Learning Stream examines eleven marketing programs in depth, including email marketing, SEO, content marketing, and advertising, with examples of how you can apply the right ones to your business.
Ken Burke 1h 3m Pub. Sep 15, 2018