Create Your Strategic Marketing Plan


Course Description:

“If you build it, they will come” may be a great movie line, but it doesn’t apply to finding customers for a new business. Instead, you need to create demand for your product or service using a mix of marketing and sales techniques. This learning stream delves deep into acquisition strategy by outlining the building blocks of a successful marketing and sales program, from social media to net promoter scores. Techniques for identifying the right acquisition programs for your target market and metrics for measuring the effectiveness of individual initiatives are highlighted throughout so you can evaluate programs and optimize acquisition costs as you go. Guidelines for aligning marketing and sales activities with product, positioning, and brand strategy are included, as are methods for calculating cost per acquisition and other key financial planning data. Tactics and worksheets will be reviewed in a workshop focused on creating an acquisition plan that connects your business with its first customers.   

You will learn:

  • Why do I need an acquisition plan?
  • Can I hire someone else to do the sales stuff?
  • What kinds of goals should I set for my acquisition plan
  • What role does thought leadership play in acquisition strategy?
  • How can I contain sales and marketing costs?
  • How can I prioritize acquisition programs for my business?
  • How can I measure success of marketing initiatives?
  • Do I really need to be on social media?
  • How can I measure success when it comes to retention?


Video Runtime:  40 Minutes

Estimated Time to Complete With Worksheets:  1:15 Hours

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