12-Week Live Online Course

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with Ken Burke, Founder, EntrepreneurNOW! Network

Launch Your Dream Business


Avoid common entrepreneurial blind spots by following a structured, step-by-step program designed to get your business launched.


Determine the feasibility of your business idea with a step-by-step analysis of your market, its growth rates, competitive analysis, and creating a full set of financials—well before you launch.


Discover how building your platform with thought leadership can supercharge your current business or create a groundswell of ready customers for a new business.


Create a complete business plan as well as an investor pitch deck for stakeholders to get your business funded.

Skills Learned:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the capabilities that set your business apart from others.
  • Build credibility with the people who are supporting your business by showing them that you have the right team with the right backgrounds, the best resources and equipment, and a business model that supports it all.
  • Project the potential size of your customer base and forecast how it will grow based on the industry trends most relevant to your business.
  • Position your product or service to make yourself stand out in today’s crowded market so that you catch customers’ attention and ensure what you’re offering makes sense to them with a solid value proposition.
  • Launch quickly with an exciting product or service that addresses customers needs without being perfect so that you can get to market fast with a clearly defined roadmap.
  • Choose between the leading sales and marketing programs (19 of them), identify which make sense for your business, and how to leverage thought leadership.
  • Create an execution strategy that includes key performance indicators, business milestones, a staffing plan, as well as identified risks and risk mitigation plans.
  • Forecast a complete set of financials for your business, from revenue, staffing and expense models to cash flow and income statement (P&L).


Results Driven:

In this 12-Week Live Online Course you will create a business plan that you can execute, build a successful business from, and a pitch deck to take to meet with investors—but most importantly you will come away with a complete understanding of your business and what is required for it to succeed, from every angle.


  During this Course You Will…

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs starting businesses. 
  • Determine the feasibility of your business and how to position it for growth.
  • Develop a complete set of financial for your business to benchmark against.
  • Determine the market growth rates for your business, important trends, and the industry segments. 
  • Create a competitive analysis for your business. 
  • Choose the most suitable marketing programs to leverage for customer acquisition.
  • Understand what investors are looking for in your business plan, and why.
  • Determine your staffing needs and project those needs out 3 years.
  • Develop a go-to-market strategy that will map out a successful launch for your business.


Support Materials and Benefits

  • Private Facebook group to form connections, share support, and ask questions along with other entrepreneurs in the course
  • Communicate with Ken through unlimited email access during the course
  • 15+ hours of video instruction
  • 90-minute weekly sessions led by Ken: strategy discussion, Q&A, and coaching
  • Business Plan Workbook—full of worksheets and tools to support your business plan creation
  • Re-enrollment privileges for subsequent runs of this course


Inside the 12 Weeks

90-minute Live Sessions happen every week!

Week 1: Kickoff and Ideation

Ken will get things kicked off with all the things you need to maximize your experience with this live course -- from interactive with students to the worksheets that guide you through the process.  Ken will help you with the ideation process and making sure you are very clear about what business you are in.

Week 2: Mission / Vision and Problem Statement

The focus this week is the fundamentals of the “why” you are in business and “how” you are going to deliver it. It’s all about your business vision and mission statements. We will them dive into the all-important problem and solution statements, so that you’re clear on the customer problem you are addressing with your product or service.

Week 3: Your Market

Ken will walk you step-by-step through the process of defining and segmenting your market so that you stand out from the crowd.  Also, Ken will teach you have to determine both the size and growth of the market you define.  

Week 4: Your Competition

You will define your unique competitive advantage based on competitive positioning, understanding of market trends, and based on your analysis of the size of your market and its growth potential.

Week 5: Go-to-Market - Positioning

Your customer must understand what your product or service has to offer them in 3 seconds or less. Knowing how to position your product or service is critical to success in today’s market. Your will learn how to position your product or service, and pinpoint your target market. 

Week 6: Go-to-Market - Messaging

How and why customers perceive the unique value of your product or service is something integrated into all aspects of your customer communication—from your website to marketing and social media to packaging. Ken will teach you how to make your brand and messaging standout so customers want to do business with you.

Week 7: Product, Pricing and Packaging

This week we talk about getting to market in great shape, but not perfectly. We’ll cover how to tell your story about the product or service you are taking to market, define it clearly, and what version of it you can get to market fastest. You will also build a road map for your product so that you can defend your growth in a competitive market.

Week 8: Customer Acquistion Strategy - Marketing Plan

You will become familiar with the 19 sales and marketing strategies that comprise customer acquisition—including an in-depth look at 11 marketing strategies you can implement in your business. We will also dive into how you can develop thought leadership and your brand platform.

Week 9: Customer Acquistion Strategy - Sales Plan

Ken will cover all the ways in which you can sell our products or services. We will cover eight different sales channels and figure out which ones are right for your business.  You must sell where your customer expects to find you, otherwise they will go somewhere else.

Week 10: Create a Financial Plan - Part 1

You will use everything you now know about your business to use in forecasting a complete set of financials for your business. This includes your revenue model, staffing model, expense model, as well as cash flow and your income statement (P&L). We’ll begin with the basics of business finances.

Week 11: Create a Financial Plan - Part 2

Ken will continue to work with you to develop a robust financial plan with accurate revenue forecasting and a complete understanding of your financial statements.  

Week 12: Business Plan Review

This week is where the rubber hits the road and your business plans comes together as a single consistent strategy.  Ken will be reviewing your business strategy and make sure it is ready for you to launch your business (or attract the right investors).

BONUS Week 13: Investor Deck and Funding Strategies

In this bonus week, Ken will walk you step-by-step through building your investor deck that investors will pay attention to.  Also, Ken will teach you the best ways to get your business funded.  

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About Ken Burke

Ken Burke, founder and CEO of The entrepreneurNOW! Network, is a speaker, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and author. Ken founded MarketLive, a market-leading, enterprise class eCommerce software platform used by major merchants generating $2b in online sales through the platform. He sold MarketLive to Vista Equity Partners in 2016. Ken authored the book, “Intelligent Selling: The Art and Science of Selling Online,” as well as hundreds of industry articles. He earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship from the USC Marshall School of Business, which later awarded him the honor of Entrepreneur of the Year. Visit www.entrepreneurnow.com.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the private online community group work?

You will receive an invitation to join the private community group on Facebook after you register for this course. You should go ahead and introduce yourself at that time. The purpose of the group is to pose questions about your business and give you own perspective to other entrepreneurs who post questions. This group is private, so only Ken and the entrepreneurs enrolled in the 9-week course will be able to post or comment.  You don’t need to be active on Facebook to participate in the group, but you do need an email address.

How many hours per week can I expect to spend on this course?

Every week there is a 90-minute live video call and roughly 90 minutes of video available to watch. Additionally, there is the time you allocate to completing sections of your business plan each week. In total, you may spend anywhere from 2-3 or more hours per week on this course and developing your business.  Beyond that, depending on how much time you plan to invest in interacting with the group on the private Facebook page and Ken via email, that time commitment is really what you choose to make it.

Will I have a business plan by the end of the course?

Yes. As long as you use the tools (videos and worksheets), you should have a complete business plan—and investor pitch deck—complete by the end of the 9-week course.

What if I can’t make it to every Live Call?

We will send a replay of the weekly call to all students. While you won’t get the benefit of connecting live with Ken and the other entrepreneurs, you will be able to email Ken privately as well as post questions on the private group on Facebook after you’ve viewed the recording.

Do I need both Internet and phone to participate?

You will need an active Internet connection to participate in the weekly live video calls as well as interacting on the private Facebook group. It is best to watch the business planning video tutorials online, but here is the option to download them to your hard drive if you need to watch them offline.

Is a refund available for this course if I don’t like it?

You can reach customer support anytime at 1 (888) 578-1120 to discuss your issues with this course. Your satisfaction is incredibly important to us, and we will do everything we can to resolve any issues if they arise for you.

I have more questions—who do I ask?

If you have any further questions about this live video course, we are happy to answer them! Please get in touch by emailing us at info@entrepreneurnow.com.