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We make it easy to create a 3-year financial forecast required for any investment.

Investor Deck

A compelling investor pitch that will get any investor excited about your business.

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Create a solid marketing strategy designed to drive your business growth.


Learn to leverage sales channels to jumpstart your sales growth

Product &
Pricing Strategy

Build the perfect product and price it correctly to maximize your profits.

Strategy to Beat
Your Competition

Learn critical strategies to guarantee you will crush your competition every time.



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The Business

Here’s where you get a solid grasp on the capabilities that set your business apart from others in the most fundamental terms: your vision and mission, key success factors, and your ability to articulate the problem you’re solving for customers, or the world at large. In this module, you will:
  • Create your vision and mission statements
  • Define the problem you are solving
  • Create a compelling solution statement that will excite investors

The Market

How do you gain credibility with the people supporting your business? Show them that you have the right team with the right background, the best resources and equipment, and a business model to support it all. Learn how to communicate the big picture of your small business to investors and your team alike, so that you grab their attention and secure their commitment to the business’ success.

In this module, you will:

  • Define and size your market (TAM)
  • Create your growth projections
  •  Define the market trends that drive your business
  • Define and segment your competition
  • Create a competitive matrix (required in an investor deck)
  • Create your unique competitive advantage

Go to Market Strategy

Customers must be able to understand your product or service in 3 seconds or less. Knowing how to position your product or service is what makes you stand out in today’s crowded markets where customers' attention is short and pulled in many directions—your product or service must not only catch customers’ attention but make sense to them. Nailing down your unique value proposition, target market, and product positioning will get you there.

In this module, you will:

  • Create a powerful positioning strategy for your product or service
  • Define your target market
  • Create the all-important unique value proposition

Product and Pricing Strategy

It is almost always better to launch a good product faster than a “perfect” product sometime in the distant future. Learn how to tell a story about your product or service, define it clearly, the MVP concept (and why you should utilize it), as well as building a solid roadmap for your product and defending your strategy in a competitive market. Understand how to shape a product or service vision, strategies for developing a minimum viable product, ways to create a roadmap you’ll stick to, and increase market defensibility. In this module, you will:
  • Define your overall product strategy
  • Create your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Develop a product roadmap
  • Create a profitable pricing strategy

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Take a guided tour through the top 19 sales and marketing strategies that comprise customer acquisition, including an in-depth survey of a dozen marketing strategies and several selling strategies that you can implement in your business now.

In this module, you will:

  • Create well-defined marketing objectives
  • Create the individual marketing programs that will drive your business
  • Create a strategic marketing action plan
  • Learn how to become a thought leader to drive sales
  • Create a winning selling strategy that grows your business

Execution Strategy

Your execution strategy is your go-to-launch playbook. It must be rock-solid. Create one that details your key performance indicators (KPIs), business milestones, staffing goals, risk mitigation, startup tactics, and the specific requirements of your business, from technology specs to strategic sourcing relationships. This information should all be concretely described to give your stakeholders as well as potential investors confidence that you know what it takes to get to launch.

Financial Strategy

You must grasp the key fundamentals of managing the finances of your business in order to succeed. Too often, entrepreneurs don’t pay enough attention to the financials that drive the bottom line. Master the underpinnings of sound planning and key financial statements like your P&L and cash flow and financial models like staffing, revenue, and expenses.  Our program includes a 3-year financial forecasting tool that you will use to create your financial plan.   In this module, you will:  
  • Learn how to create a justified and supported financial forecast
  • Create a 3-year revenue forecast
  • Create a 3-year staffing plan
  • Create a 3-year expense model
  • Generate a P&L statement and understand how to interpret it
  • Generate a cash flow statement

Investor Pitch & Funding Strategy

Ken will share with you is years of experience dealing with fundraising as an entrepreneur and dealing with investors.  First Ken will help you put together your investor deck with his proven pitch format.  Then Ken will take you through the different funding strategies and help you determine the right one for you.  Finally, Ken will provide you with a bunch of resources that will jumpstart your investment strategy.

In this module, you will:

  • Create the optimal funding plan for your business
  • Determine your valuation
  • Create an investor pitch deck that will excite investors
  • Practice your pitch in our monthly Pitch Practice Sessions


About Your Instructor - Ken Burke

Ken Burke, founder and CEO of The EntrepreneurNOW! Network, is a speaker, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and author. Ken founded MarketLive, a market-leading, enterprise class eCommerce software platform used by major merchants generating $2b in online sales through the platform. He sold MarketLive to Vista Equity Partners in 2016.  Ken has raised over 5om for his technology businesses from the top VCs in the Silicon Valley including Sequoia Capital.

Ken recently published his book called, "Prosper: 5 Steps to Thriving in Business and Life".  Ken also has a podcast called, "Optimize Your Entrepreneur Brain", which is available on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

He earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship from University of Southern California -Marshall School of Business, which later awarded him the honor of Entrepreneur of the Year.

Ken's highly rated courses are distributed by major eLearning websites.


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