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It’s time to make your dream business a reality.

Most entrepreneurs fear this well-known statistic: 50% of all new businesses fail in their first 3 years.

But there’s good news:  Businesses that create a business plan grow 30% faster than businesses that skip a business plan.

Why? Entrepreneurs who plan are not only more like to grow faster, but also:

Think more strategically

Are more likely to get funding

Run their businesses against benchmarks

Operate from validated strategies and tactics


How To Succeed in Business


Know how to sell a company vision that resonates with stakeholders—Why? So that your staff believes in you enough to support and follow you, stakeholders believe in you, and investors give you their support.


Develop a distinct and unique competitive advantage—Why? When you offer something no one else can and it’s clear in the minds of your customer how you are unique, special, and different, you will become unstoppable in the market and customers won’t hesitate to choose you over your competition.


Effectively position your product or service in the mind of your customer— Why? So that in the minds of your customers your brand and product or service matches up with your promise—and their needs. Once you’re attractive to your customer with a value proposition that is crystal-clear, your growth skyrockets.


Intimately understand your competition and the competitive landscape—Why? By analyzing and interacting with your competitors you are able to see how the market is naturally segmented, how competitive you are, and where to adjust your offering to stand out even more.


Create a market in which you are the leader—Why? Once you’re well-positioned, you’re in control how you’re viewed in the market, who your competitors are, and have the space to dominate your segment of the market.


Have an effective way to acquire customers at a reasonable cost—Why? Customer acquisition is what makes or breaks your company—success vs. failure. You must master customer acquisition to attract customers.


Have a pricing strategy that makes sense to customers as well as maximizes profits—Why? Back-of-the-napkin calculations won't support a company over the long haul. With the right pricing model you will achieve higher margins and greater profits.



Why Support is Instrumental

Too many entrepreneurs work in isolation.

Don’t go it alone!  Let us support you. Take advantage of expert guidance from entrepreneurs who have built successful companies from their business plans and sound business planning methodologies.

Leverage the full support of the Business Planning MasterClass through email, live Q&As and phone, to a create your business plan quickly and get your business launched.

The Business Planning MasterClass contains everything you need to build your business.  Work step-by-step and create business plan to seek investment with and use to grow your business. You will be guided through the entire process will full support by email, live Q&A sessions, and phone.

Included are 20+ hours of video instruction and financial planning tools that help you create a cohesive and complete business plan. We also provide Prep Worksheets that guide you through assembling all the information for your business plan. You can even create your written business plan and investor presentation inside the MasterClass as you work through the content.

Module 1 - Your Business

Here’s where you get a solid grasp on the capabilities that set your business apart from others in the most fundamental terms: your vision and mission, key success factors, and your ability to articulate the problem you’re solving for customers, or the the world at large.  Contains 6 videos and 2 workbooks.

Module 2 - Your Company

How do you gain credibility with the people supporting your business? Show them that you have the right team with the right background, the best resources and equipment, and a business model to support it all. Learn how to communicate the big picture of your small business to investors and your team alike, so that you grab their attention and secure their commitment to the business’ success.  Contains 3 videos and 1 workbook.

Module 3 - Your Market

You must nail your market analysis. You will begin with with defining and sizing the market for your product or service and develop growth projections. From there, you’ll move on to identifying the important market trends relating to your business. Next, you will define and segment your competition and develop a competitive positioning matrix. Finally, you will identify and hone your unique competitive advantage.  Contains 21 videos and 5 workbooks.

Module 4 - Go to Market Strategy

Customers must be able to understand your product or service in 3 seconds or less. Knowing how to position your product or service is what makes you stand out in today’s crowded markets where customers' attention is short and pulled in many directions—your product or service must not only catch customers’ attention but make sense to them. Nailing down your unique value proposition, target market, and product positioning will get you there.  Contains 9 videos and 3 workbooks.

Module 5 - Your Product or Service

It is almost always better to launch a good product faster than a “perfect” product sometime in the distant future. Learn how to tell a story about your product or service, define it clearly, the MVP concept (and why you should utilize it), as well as building a solid roadmap for your product and defending your strategy in a competitive market. Understand how to shape a product or service vision, strategies for developing a minimum viable product, ways to create a roadmap you’ll stick to, and increase market defensibility.  Contains 13 videos and 2 workbooks.

Module 6 - Customer Acquisition Strategy

Take a guided tour through the top 19 sales and marketing strategies that comprise customer acquisition, including an in-depth survey of a dozen marketing strategies and several selling strategies that you can implement in your business now. Get a handle on your marketing objectives, marketing programs, thought leadership, create a marketing action plan, and decide on the selling strategies that are right for your business.  Contains 7 videos and 5 workbooks.

Module 7 - Execution Strategy

Your execution strategy is your go-to-launch playbook. It must be rock-solid. Create one that details your key performance indicators (KPIs), business milestones, staffing goals, risk mitigation, startup tactics, and the specific requirements of your business, from technology specs to strategic sourcing relationships. This information should all be concretely described to give your stakeholders as well as potential investors confidence that you know what it takes to get to launch. Contains 7 videos and 1 worksheet.

Module 8 - Financial Strategy

You must grasp the key fundamentals of managing the finances of your business in order to succeed. Too often, entrepreneurs don’t pay enough attention to the financials that drive the bottom line. Master the underpinnings of sound planning and key financial statements like your P&L and cash flow and financial models like staffing, revenue, and expenses.  Contains 13 videos and a financial model including the financial statements.

We integrated the MasterClass program with all the guidance and support you need to plan your business, develop a business plan, stakeholder pitch deck, investor deck, and a complete set of financials for your business.

We are with you every step of the way.



Don’t go it alone! Call or email us anytime with questions about your business planning process or business plan:

  • Leverage our business planning expertise
  • Find out what questions you should be asking about your business
  • Get feedback on your business assumptions



Leverage the insights of our weekly live sessions:

  • Get tips and advice from entrepreneurs who’ve been where you are
  • Feedback on the most urgent questions your business is facing
  • Use the live sessions to stay connected to your business



Extend your learning and make it continuous:

  • Continually grow your business knowledge as an entrepreneur
  • Find out about new sales and marketing methodologies
  • Keep up with the latest in thought leadership practices



Develop camaraderie while connecting with other entrepreneurs:

  • Learn from the questions and struggles of other entrepreneurs
  • Find out what business tools others are using successfully
  • Get entrepreneurially-minded feedback on your ideas

Gain the confidence that comes from knowing your business inside-out. Get the competitive advantage that comes from preparation: putting a pricing, sales, and positioning strategy in place. Enjoy the proven growth that comes with running a business from a business plan.

With our tools, and support, you will be positioning yourself for success.

An Investment-Worthy Business Plan

A complete business plan that is investable and ready to execute.

Investors Deck

A presentation deck that will help investors understand that supporting your business is not just a no-brainer but an exciting venture.

Stakeholder Deck

A stakeholder pitch deck that will excite your stakeholders and get them on board with supporting your business and its mission.

Go-to-Market Strategy

A blueprint for launching a product or service that resonates to a concise target market.

Unique Value Proposition

A clear-cut unique value proposition for your product or service that resonates with customers and draws them in.

Marketing Plan

A robust plan for acquiring customers in a cost-effective way

Sales Plan

A detailed plan outlining the most effective sales channels you will use to acquire customers.

Business Financials

A complete financial package:  your expenses, cash flow, income statement, as well as your staffing, revenue, and expense models.

We would love to help you get your business off the ground.  Now is the time to take action and create the dream business you have always wanted.  You will get everything you need to build an investment-worthy business plan including, a full financial model that is necessary to run your business.  More importantly, you will get all the business strategies you need to ensure your business is a success.

Our team will be there with you every step of the way providing our years of experience in business to support and guide you through this process.  We are committed to making your business an incredible success.

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