Be On Trend (Especially Now)

Optimize Your Entrepreneurial Brain - The Series


Now more than ever, it is critical that your business strategy is on trend with what customers want and need.  Things are changing rapidly for so many businesses you must be flexible and adapt or your business might just disappear.

Start by identifying the trends that are on fire right now (they might be COVID related and might not).  Next, examine your current business strategy and see how you can integrate those trends into your business today (or in the short term).  Third, realign your go-to-market strategy to incorporate the trend into your unique value proposition, messaging, positioning, product, pricing and even your target market.

I have a client who offers an incredible line of coffee function drinks ( which has three SKUs (KETO, Mocha, and New Orleans).  And guess which one far outsells the other two.  You got it, KETO.  Why?  Because it is on trend.

You want the momentum from that trend to be pushing your business forward (and sales up) rather than the drag of not being on trend and holding you back.  I can tell you from experience, businesses that are on trend are so much easier to run than ones that is not.

Check out the video on Understanding Market Trends in this post.  If you want to watch the entire Market Trends course, just go to:


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